Self Defense

For students who are interested in self-defense, we also have training related to the martial arts applications of Tai Chi Chuan, which are centered on the various Internal Martial Arts forms which are being taught at Lotus Dragon.

Instructor Sean Ross has developed a self-defense program which emphasizes the internal body mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan and also draws from Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and Brazilian martial arts with a dose of police and special forces tactics and tricks. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their techniques at full speed and power with an instructor in a protective suit. The following is a summary of the self-defense curriculum:

  • Verbal de-escalation & awareness
  • Adrenal stress training
  • Strikes with fingers, forearms, palms, elbows and fists
  • Practical street kicks
  • Street boxing
  • Joint manipulation, throws and takedowns
  • Movement and evasion
  • Practical pressure points
  • Defense against takedowns and shoots
  • Practical ground fighting
  • Unarmed vs. knife defense
  • Unarmed vs. stick defense
  • Limited unarmed vs. gun defense
  • Saber and reverse grip knife technique
  • Edged weapon grappling (in the clutches of)
  • Single and double hand stick technique
  • Knife and stick ground fighting
  • Improvisational weapons
Sean150Laoshi Sean Ross began training Praying Mantis Kungfu in 1991 and Tai Chi in 1994 at the Wahlum Kungfu Temple, in Orlando Florida where he trained with the senior students of Grandmaster Chan Pui attaining the rank of 'advanced student'. Sean moved to Albuquerque and met Master Corpolongo in 1998. Sean was recognized as achieving instructor rank by Master Corpolongo in 2004. In 2002, Sean began training with the Scientific Fighting Congress and started his own self defense school –the Personal Defense Club. Sean holds the rank of Master instructor in modern unarmed, stick and knife combatives and Expert instructor in gun combatives. Sean currently teaches weekly at his club and continues learning and training with Master Corpolongo in Tai Chi Chuan.