Class Structure

The classes are divided in to 2 sections.  The first section consists of group stretches, warm-ups, and basics or forms.  This period may last from a half an hour to an hour, depending on the needs of the group. pdfClick here to download the Gentle Flexibility Qigong set (the warm-ups)

The second section is individual practice and learning.  During this time each student practices on his/her own, and the Sifu and/or Sihing (Senior classmate) will work with the students on an individual basis.

All student levels are mixed during all classes.  According to tradition the Sihing(s) help teach their juniors and the new students.  If the Sifu is not present a Sihing conducts the class.   Traditionally senior students stand in the front row and at both ends of the other rows. One senior student specifically is appointed to help the new students at each class.

If you need to take a break you are encouraged to do so, but please move to a location where you are not in the way of the other students who are practicing.