Wu Te

Martial Morality

The Wu Te is the true flower of the Chinese Martial Arts. Wu means martial and Te means virtue. The Wu Te is cherished and vigilantly practiced by all traditional Chinese Wushu/Gongfu Players as the Universal Code of Conduct.

Without the Wu Te, the martial arts would be in danger of becoming the truncheon of common thugs that is used to intimidate and victimize innocent people. Self-defense and fighting applications are often used as teaching tools to aid the student's understanding of the intricacies of the martial arts movements. However, these have always occupied an inferior position in traditional Wushu/Gongfu training. Cultivating our physical, mental and spiritual nature to full bloom through our Gongfu (Effort and Time) is the primary intent of all sincere Wushu/Gongfu players (Chinese Martial Artists).

One who has exceptional physical talent, but does not observe the Wu Te is not a true Martial Artist. Traditionally, it is a true martial artist's link to previous generations of Wushu/Gongfu players and to the ancient masters when we maintain the honor and respect that we have inherited from our Honored Gongfu Ancestors.

Traditionally, Sifu or Instructor will avoid teaching a student who is of weak moral character or one who does not observe the Wu Te. For this reason a traditional Sifu will scrutinize a student for three years to ensure his/her moral character before teaching him/her any closed door and possibly lethal techniques. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why students who willfully violate the Wu Te are asked to leave the Lotus Dragon Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center.

Wu Te - Martial Virtue and Chivalry

A True Martial Artist ...

Always cultivates and upholds the Wu Te

Never fights or uses his/her skills to intimidate others

Never engages in needless arguments

Never defames or belittles others

Is Humble and Modest and always practices Humility

Endeavors to forebear all hardships and controls his/her anger and emotions

By example brings Honor and Respect to the Martial Arts