Lotus Dragon offers a comprehensive Qigong curriculum with additional special seminars guided by Sifu Dug and noted Masters.

Chi Gong (Qigong), sometimes referred to as Chinese Yoga, has been practiced by the Chinese to improve and maintain health for at least 2,500 years. Modern Chinese medicine includes Qigong doctors and hospitals, along with acupuncture. The earliest Qigong techniques were developed by Taoist and Buddhist monks and were kept secret for many centuries. Qigong (energy exercise) increases and controls the body's Qi (bio-energy) flow and is effective in healing as well as preventing numerous diseases and conditions.

What is Qigong?

Bio-energy is a good way to translate qi; and gong is the same word that we find in the expression Gong Fu (KungFu) which means effort and time; in fact Martial Arts can be considered forms of Qigong that include a self-defense component.

qigongSo Qigong is the Chinese method of training and developing our body's qi or bio-energy. There are literally thousands of Qigong training methods; these methods are used by Buddhists and Taoists in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, by Martial Artists in the pursuit of greater physical and combative prowess, and by Chinese Medicine to treat illnesses, fight against pathogenic invasion, and enhance the over all health of their patients.

Qigong as a Branch of Chinese Medicine.

The relationship between Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be compared to the relationship between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy and Western Medicine. Yet, Qigong can be employed by the DOM to treat and overcome much more than just physical medical conditions. Qigong is in fact as crucial to Traditional Chinese Medicine as Needle Therapy, Tui Na (massage), and Herbal Therapy.

With a documented history dating back to 1100 BCE, Qigong as a branch of Chinese medicine has been researched and practiced for over 3,000 years. This ancient science has been used by Chinese physicians to improve and maintain health as well as treat the Eight Principle Syndromes identified in Chinese medical theory. Qigong theory and the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine both originate from the same root and are completely interchangeable. Like TCM, Qigong employs the principles of Qi flow, and the Yin and Yang and Five Element theories as the fundamental basis for practice.

Qigong Forms Taught

1) Introduction to Qigong

2) I-Chuan Qigong

3) Tai Chi Qigong

4) Six Healing Sounds Qigong

5) Five Pieces of Brocade

6) Eight Pieces of Brocade

7) Five Animal Frolics

8) San T'ien Qigong

9) Jian Mei Seated Qigong

10) Seated Brocade Qigong

11) White Crane Qigong

12) Nine Dragon Qigong


Tien Qigong Healers' Gong

One Weekend Every 3 Months
3 Hours Theory on Saturday
3 Hours Practice on Sunday