Jersey Shore Retreat - 2011 Edition

One of my most profound training experiences happened many years ago at Sigung Look's Santa Cruz, CA retreat. We stood in front of the breaking waves practicing our Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua techniques, in time with the crashing waves. As the waves built up, we began the technique; as they crashed and rolled into the shore, we completed the technique and then started building energy for the next movement as the wave retreated from the beach.

The Jersey Shore Retreat is my way of sharing this experience and other rare training opportunities that can only be found at the shore. There was forms practice in the mornings, with the ocean washing around everyone's feet at the shoreline. The afternoon included Hsing-I practice into the oncoming waves as a method of focusing power/jing. We also practiced push hands in waist-deep water, with waves crashing over our heads. I've also said "If you can stand against the Ocean, than any human opponent will be by comparison a push-over."

We went to New York, NY, the city that is so great we need to repeat its name. The day started with dim sum in Chinatown followed by Tai Chi practice in Central Park and finished with a trip to the famous Carnegie Deli near Carnegie Hall.

We are looking forward to next year's Jersey Shore retreat and hope you can join us...