Lotus Dragon Begins Live Webcasts

powhow webcastIn January 2013, Lotus Dragon began webcasting its Saturday classes to Sifu Dug's students around the world. Using the internet, students from all over can now tune in to participate in workshops, classes, and seminars in the comfort of their own home or school. The events are conducted through powhow.com and are live and interactive, and feel almost like being in the Kuan.  Not only can you watch and follow Sifu live, he can watch and correct your form in real time, as well as answer any question you may have. And, as a bonus, you get the bad jokes that you out-of-town students miss so much... 

In the near future, Sifu plans on webcasting his national seminars and workshops when he starts traveling to the Sister Schools.

Click on the following links for class schedules and information:

Saturday Morning Qi Gong Workout

Saturday Morning Yang Style Tai Chi Form & Push-Hands Class

Wu Clan Advanced Internal Martial Arts Class  (Saturday afternoon)