Annual Jersey Shore Retreat 2013

nj snakeAgain our kung fu family will be training Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing- yi and Qigong on the beach and in the Atlantic Ocean Sunday July 21st to Thursday the 25th. We'll be doing Tai Chi and Qigong on the beach every morning, Push-hands, Hsing-yi in the surf in the afternoons and Bagua in the park in the evening, as well as spontaneous trainings on various weapons and other advanced forms. We'll also include trips to various fun East Coast cities and attractions.

nj bagua_surfAfterward we'll be attending the US International Kuoshu Championships at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley Maryland which is about 20 miles outside Baltimore. This is still the best run and most organized Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in North America. We always have lots of fun with Kung fu family and friends at the Kuoshu Championships. Here's the webpage:

central park_tai_chiOn the same weekend the National Qigong Association's 18th annual conference will be held at the Hilton Double Tree Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA, Friday, July 26 - Sunday, July 28th. There will be 24 sessions, special keynote addresses, impromptu Qigong and musical gatherings, plus all the wonderful camaraderie you would expect from the friends of the NQA. Gary Giamboi their Outreach Chairperson has personally invited our Kung fu family and asked that our family members contact him when we get there. Here's their webpage