Tai Chi Retreat 2016 - All about the Apps

chang style.jpgIn the middle of September, an intrepid band of folks from across the Nation converged once again upon the Jemez Mountains to engage in random dangerous acts amidst beautiful surroundings.  This year, the Annual IFKWES Tai Chi Retreat was focused on applications of chin na_demo_sifu_ken.jpg
the art, with workshops on the Chang combat form, Push Hands (with extensive Enhanced Push Hands practice around the campfire), Da Lu sets, and, of course, Chin Na.  Sifu Dug provided a well-paced, informative and fun event, which allowed all participants to enjoy themselves while learning really cool stuff.  Some of the group also took the time to explore the area surrounding Camp Shaver, hiking to the nearby waterfall, and those feeling especially adventurous climbed Battleship Rock to practice their ability to stayed centered while perfoming the Yang style Tai Chi form atop a narrow promontory with cliffs several hundred feet high all around. Many thanks to Sifu Dug and everyone who gladly volunteered to help with meals and cleanup  - fully exemplifying the best aspects of family and community. A good time was had by all, and we look forward to next year.  group photo.jpg