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Join Sifu Dug in Hyannis\, Massachusetts for 3 days of fun tai chi applications to improve your form. Agenda TBD.  Tentative topics include: a short application-oriented form based on the Traditional Chang long form\; push hands drills and exercises and basic Da Lu footwor k.


Monitor the Lotus Dragon facebook page for details as they deve lop...

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This is a gre at conference where everyone can improve any internal martial art and prac tice.  Many interesting workshops from highly qualified instructors. A go od chance to meet members of our extended Kung Fu Family.  Sifu Dug will be teaching workshops on Da Lu and Coiling\, Opening\, and Closing.

\n< p>Immediate Kung Fu Family members Deb Salazar and Mike Lam live in the ar ea and are anxious to help us with accomodations and places to stay.

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